Technical Analysis with PremiumFrx

The PremiumFrxTechnical Analysis, powered by Autochartist, helps to keep you updated about Forex and CFD† trading decisions by referencing technical chart patterns with support and resistance levels.

Automated Alerts

Chart pattern projections help you flag trading opportunities when support and resistance levels coincide. Get automated alerts, including Daily Market Snapshots and Correlating Signals (only for clients of PremiumFrx).

Potential Trading Opportunities

You can follow Forex and CFD market movements all the time and scan and analyze the intraday market to help you stay on top. You also have the chance to access forecasts that have historically had a high probability of hitting the target. By using different chart types, pattern length and pattern quality you can create customized searches and filter.

Pattern Recognition Technology

You can use the functions for identify emerging and completed chart pattern formations (i.e. Triangles, Wedges, Head-and-Shoulders, and Channels); you can also see Fibonacci Retracements, Extensions, ABCD and Butterfly patterns while watching key horizontal support and resistance levels for market sentiment.

Voluntary Analysis

In order to assess risk when setting take profit and stop loss levels you can use the volatility analysis which provides statistical information about price volatility for Forex, precious metals, and CFDs on commodities, indices, and bonds.

Performance Statistics

Your PremiumFrx forex and CFD trading account gives you access to detailed disclosure of historical Autochartist performance and lets you perform your own analysis, of which patterns have reached their forecast levels over the last six months.

MT5 Plugin

You can now get the opportunity to combine xxx Technical Analysis with MetaTrader 5. By doing this you get access to continuous intraday market scanning, automatic chart pattern recognition, pattern quality indicators, automated alerts for specified patterns; moreover, you can execute trades directly inside the MT5.